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Employees: Your Biggest Headache or Greatest Asset?

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Employee management doesn’t have to be hard. Overall, I think it has to do with perspective. There are certain managers and owners who are employee-first thinkers. And there are some who don’t really consider employees at all. They are very different manager styles and they each lead to problem solving and decision making with very different outcomes. 

I’ve heard an owner once ask where the employees were when he looked out at the production floor. It was a break time, but he was thinking about numbers, not people. He was often heard making comments about employees being his biggest headache. 

If you’ve never heard of the DiSC Assessment, it’s a four-quadrant personality test used by organizations to show a bit more about how people behave. It shows us that some people really value tasks and numbers while others value relationships and feelings. 

This same owner had a manager who was on the opposite side of the spectrum, focused on employee relationships. I personally tend to fall more on this side, even though as a lean consultant I am always looking at numbers and productivity. Maybe the term ‘human capital’ can come into play here as well.

I see employees as one of the greatest assets in a company. It’s true they can be a headache, but that’s only if the right processes aren’t in place to set them up for success. Lean methodology looks at waste and efficiency. If we hire right, train well, and focus on setting employees up for success within the larger framework of productivity and outcomes, we create an organization-wide win. These win-win scenarios are what makes employee management easier.

A Real Life Example 

I once worked with a large local car dealership where the owner made sure to walk through all the buildings and departments each morning to great each and every one of his 250 employees. He knows everyone by name and asks them about their families. The employees love him as an owner and would do anything for him. Many of his employees have been working there for an average of 10 or more years. 

He also asks about their jobs and what could make business even better, then he listens to them and works on making business improvements based on their feedback. His dealership is one of the best in the state. 

He sees his employees as an asset, and therefore has an asset. 

The owner who sees employees as a headache, has a headache. 

It’s all a matter of perspective. What’s your perspective? Could it use a shift? Sometimes a different view can make all the difference in seeing an employee as an asset rather than an obstacle, and I can help facilitate that. Working together, we can merge the worlds of productivity, process and expectations to the asset that is your staff, in order to build win-win-win scenarios. 

 Employee Management and Human Capital

Have employees been a headache or an asset to you? Are you ready to change your perspective? PBEX, LLC helps by providing a complete review and analysis of your employee processes. We look at the numbers and systems in place that create efficiency and profitability, or that set the employee up to fail. Then, we offer consulting and lean process improvement training to support your organizational goals. Contact us to learn more about lean methodology as it relates to employee management and to schedule your review today and learn more about employee management.