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Peter Holtgreive
Peter HoltgreiveMr. Holtgreive is a Business Process Improvement expert with over 20+ years of management experience in various manufacturing industries: Medical, Aerospace, Home Products, Contract Manufacturing, Food and Beverage and Telecommunications.  As a part of several management teams he has driven organizations from a traditional environment into a lean-continuous improvement culture.

The last 5 years Peter has taken his industry experience and used it to become a successful continuous improvement Director with a statewide manufacturing assistance center.  His experience in organizational change was invaluable to over 100 Colorado manufacturers.  He has played a major role in the impact reported by manufacturers throughout Colorado, and has effectively established himself as a process improvement expert.

As an independent process improvement expert, Peter will be to continue to support businesses with their needs to change.  He will use his years of experience and apply them towards helping businesses transform themselves through process improvements.  No matter what type of enterprise, Peter has the experience and tools to help any business become more competitive by improving quality, delivery and reduce their operating cost.

Allan Rowe
I have over 30 years of engineering, manufacturing, and general management experience, all of which dealing with organizational improvement. I began my career working for the US Air Force at Davis Monthan AFB managing process improvement for the “Boneyard”, where we stored, and reclaimed parts for all the services active aircraft. I then spent 13 years in various engineering and manufacturing management roles with Intel, building semiconductor plants in Oregon, New Mexico, Ireland and finally in Colorado Springs. From there I did some consulting with Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology until Western Forge asked me to join their team as the Vice President of Operations. Finally, I spent a couple of years working for Nexgen Pharma as their VP of Operations. I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Arizona. I am married with 5 children ranging in age from 11-26.

My family and I enjoy the Colorado outdoors, where we camp, hike, and fish.



Would your business benefit from improved efficiencies? What if procedures could be streamlined rather than going through several hands, several departments or outdated practices?

How could your profit margins change if you had more effective processes? What if redundancies could be discovered and corrected?

Could customer and/or employee satisfaction increase with a fresh review of internal processes?

What if you could bring on and train new hires or implement new changes in the fastest most effective time?

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Serving the Greater Denver area, PBEX, LLC supports a variety of businesses in business process improvement through several methods including:

Lean Manufacturing principles

Kaizen, Gemba, and 5S

Workflow analysis, standardization of tasks, cellular flow models and more.

Our goal is to be YOUR cultural change manager.